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 is your portal to expanding your horizons and expanding your mind. Our goal is to provide people from all walks of life the tools they need to succeed in life by making high-quality education easily available. We offer a wide variety of courses that will help you achieve your academic goals, further your career, or just satisfy your curiosity about the world around you. Our cutting-edge online platform brings together the benefits of remote education with the guidance of qualified educators to provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment. Come to Saliha Online Academy now and start your life-altering adventure of study and discovery.

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O Level Crash Course

Our intensive O-Level crash course is intended to quickly cover the most important material and deepen your comprehension in time for the exam.

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Nazra Course

Experience the sublime beauty of the Quran with the help of our trained instructors in the art of recitation (Nazra-e-Quran).

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Hajj'o Ummrah Course

Our in-depth online curriculum, Hajjumera, will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the holy Hajj rites.

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Hadith Course

Learn from the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) guidance and wisdom by delving into the wealth of Hadiths (Prophetic traditions).

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Physics Classes

Learn about the intriguing field of Physics and how it relates to our search for the universe’s underlying principles.

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Chemistry classes

Explore the fascination of chemistry to the fundamental units of matter, from atoms and molecules to chemical processes.

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